During today's Fed meeting, the Fed decided to keep interest rates unchanged, and they are following a higher-for-longer policy regarding mortgage rates.

Despite that, in the last month, they are home prices have seen a significant increase, and many homes are still selling considerably higher than their ass price.

Bay Area Home Priced Up 14% Since Last Month According to NBC

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So what is the solution to this if you continue to wait, when rates market will be flooded with buyers and prices will likely go up if that does happen to raise interest rates later because they can’t get inflation under control or payments will still be more expensive.

If you want to buy, explore your down payment assistance options or low down payment options available when rates come down. Refinance that loan and enjoy fixed long-term savings.

You could be in the real estate market and enjoy these equity increases that homeowners already enjoy. Believe it or not, many homes for first-time home buyers in Contra cost below $600,000.

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