We provide this home buyer affordability calculator to help Bay Area buyers plan for their home ownership goals in California.  We make them accessible so you can make the best-educated decisions with the most accurate information possible.

This affordability calculator is simple to use and quick. It will also give you a great idea of what you could expect to pay in closing costs on a typical home purchase transaction. Of course, you want to check with your lender and Realtor before locking in any closing cost scenario.

What I like about this calculator is that it allows you to work backward from what you’d like to pay monthly to help you determine what type of home price you could realistically afford.

Once you've determined a payment that may work for you, here are some other questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready to purchase in the Bay Area real estate market.

You can try it out for yourself.

Monthly Affordability Calculator

Bay Area Home Buyer Affordability Calculator

Access the Bay Area Home Affordability Calculator Here

You may be able to afford more than you think. Every second counts in the housing market when there's so much demand for a relatively low supply of homes.

What I like about this calculator is you can start with your desired monthly payment or start with what you already pay in rent. 

Based on that monthly payment, we will calculate how much home you would likely afford.

Once you've played with your figures and found a price point that works for your budget, you can search for homes in your price range right on the website's sidebar.

We are ready to help you call, text, or make an appointment.  We are always excited to help you get accurate answers to questions about your unique situation.