Before Jason Wheeler became a top producing Realtor in the Diablo Valley Contra Costa County east bay area he had spent years building several financing relationships with over 80 different banks and funding over 40 million per year in real estate.  Being well versed in financing relationships and procedures has proven to me extremely valuable to the clients that Jason serves.

Although Jason strives to make the real estate process simple and easy for buyers and sellers he is no stranger to dealing with a very difficult scenarios.

Tough situations are dealt with mostly behind the scenes so he can take away stress from his clients in every case where it is appropriate.

"Any real estate agent that tells you buying and selling homes in the Northern California market is easy is sugarcoating the process to say the least" says Jason.

"We shoot to alleviate those troubles from our buyers and sellers through over 500 transactions closed and experience since 2003."

With extensive knowledge of buyers financing Jason knows how to structure a buyers needs as well as vet offers for sellers. A fierce negotiator Jason Wheeler always puts his clients needs before all else.

Jason works with an extensive team behind the scenes to help make your east bay area real estate goals come to fruition no matter where you are buying or selling in the Diablo Valley of Northern California.


When it comes to managing the best Real Estate and Lending business in the East Bay it is important to have the best team behind you.  Here are the ones behind the scenes that make it happen.

Charmia - Charmia is Jason's right hand in the mortgage process.  With years of experience Charmia may not be heard from much but rest assured she is working hard to make sure loan documents are out on time and approvals are processed quickly and efficiently.

Naomi - Naomi works overtime to make sure that Real Estate files are completed and compliant with all California State standards.

Renee - Renee has years of Real Estate experience as a top producer.  Renee is Jason's partner in the Real Estate industry at Cal State Realty.